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• Apr 23, 2018

Tableau Research is Hiring (general)

Tableau research provides targeted, domain-specific expertise to help drive Tableau innovation, inform long-term strategic planning, and provide technical support to our product teams. We also give Tableau an active intellectual presence externally, both in academic research and on advisory and standards committees. Please check out our careers site for further details. 

• Apr 6, 2018

Tableau Research is Hiring in Data Systems

Tableau Research is looking for people with skills in data system disciplines such as databases, big-data, federated systems, data modeling, data preparation, query processing, query optimization, data profiling, noSQL, scale-up, scale-out, approximate query processing and data sketching.  Please check our careers site for further details.

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Kristi Morton, Magdalena Balazinska, Dan Grossman, Jock Mackinlay
Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment, Volume 7, pp. 453–456, 2014
Chris Stolte, Diane Tang, Pat Hanrahan
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 9, 2 (April 2003), 176-187.
Richard L. Cole, Florian Funke, Leo Giakoumakis, Wey Guy, Alfons Kemper, Stefan Krompass, Harumi Kuno, Raghunath Nambiar, Thomas Neumann, Meikel Poess, Kai-Uwe Sattler, Michael Seibold, Eric Simon, and Florian Waas.
In Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Testing Database Systems (DBTest '11).