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Aaron Barsky, Tamara Munzner, Jennifer Gardy, Robert Kincaid
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, vol. 14, no. 6, pp. 1253-1260, 2008
Chris Stolte, Diane Tang, Pat Hanrahan
"InfoVis 2002 Best Paper". In Proceedings INFOVIS '02.
Jock D. Mackinlay
ACM Transactions on Graphics, 5(2, April), 110-141. Reprinted in Maybury, M. T. & Wahlster, W. (Eds.) Readings In Intelligent User Interfaces (pp. 193) San Francisco, California: Morgan-Kaufmann (1999) and Card, S. K., Mackinlay, J. D., & Shneiderman, B.